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>> by working together in creating a fair simpler tax code we can give our country a stronger and healthier economy. after four years of bitterness and divisiveness the republican leaders talk about working together with president obama following his reelection. good evening imi, a terror. our top story seen around the country tonight, could it be a true all of branch the house speaker handed the president after turmoil on capitol hill the last four years. chicago voters say
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they hope it is as they gathered near the president's home on the south side before the first family left the city to get back to washington. the president reached out to party leaders on both sides of the aisle to get a jumpstart on the tough work coming up. meanwhile, the enthusiasm at the hyde park neighborhood is much different today than four years ago supporters are happy and relieved that he won reelection and at the same time they say they expect better results during his second term in celebration of another win for the famous neighbor free breakfast this morning at the diner one of barack obama's favorite hyde park restaurants but as supporters enjoy the victory day expressed immediate concern the president won't get much done with the republican controlled house of representatives. about 100
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enthusiastic supporters cheered and chanted hoping the president might come out and shake some hands they had to settle for a quick wave as his motorcade passed by at about 130 those we spoke with say they're happy one and are hopeful that his second term will be more productive. we will give him a little more time. >> i think the economy should improve if everyone is on board from the left and right side there should be a middle ground. today emanuel called his reelection a win for the middle class. before leaving chicago president obama stopped by his campaign headquarters in to spend about 45 minutes thinking staffers he and the first family boarded air force one later in the afternoon to head back to washington where some serious
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challenges are awaiting him in rising national debt into the so-called fiscal cliff president barack obama spoke with the senate majority leader harry reid about the need for bipartisanship in a news conference today the speaker hinted that republicans are willing to rethink how they negotiate with the president moving forward. >> we are ready to be led, not as democrats or republicans but as americans. we want you to lead not is a liberal or conservative but as president of the united states of america. >> the speaker says he is not suggesting that republicans compromise on their principles but he says they need to create a common ground. harry reid meanwhile help his own news conference today saying both parties will have to work together to tackle the deficit but added last night the
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american people send a clear message to congress that people making all this money have to contribute a little bit more. >> $6 billion on the entire election and not much change the balance of power remains the same in congress, democrats will pick up a few seats but not nearly enough to overtake the strong republican holds into they strengthen their advantage gaining a few seats when the new class is sworn in in january 8th record of 20 women will be u.s. senators. talking about what may be on the agenda for the next four years. i guess the question is not do you believe him but can it work? >> i believe he wants to make a deal he is a deal maker from swayback if my body were here he
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would say well john gaynor was talking the same way earlier this year before the grand bargain fell apart and that would be true. he is right. that is still the same challenge they got a head and i think that obama has thebeen reelected we don't want the same four years of gridlock. what do you see in his future? >> i'm thinking about second term will be known by richard nixon and george w. bush they all had either scandals or real setbacks he came into
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office so right now he really has a challenge ahead to be more like an lbj or a clinton who can make things happen not just introduce bills but twist arms. some days he has not had it in him enough. we have said that a lot about him and it's true. in the very first debate everyone was saying he did so poorly next to romney because obama by nature is not a confrontational but when the chips were down in the second debate he became confrontational and it was very effective. he knows what his weaknesses are he also knows what the weaknesses in the proposition are. he may want to
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put his imprint on presidential history here, will the t partiers will they say my job is to make him a one-term president will he do that even though there appears to be a melting at the moment? >> mr. mcconnell obviously failed in making him a one-term president now he faces reelection two years from now in 2014 and he is afraid of palm... he will have more pressure to be more conservative now but at the same time he is the republican leader he has to produce something some of the t partiers are not going back like joe walsh in the house and others are really at a point where these people ask what are
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you doing down there? i think we're going to see some changes. to think things may change >> he was harking back to his lovely days of no rights states no blue states we knew that wasn't true when he said it bought it sounds good he is aspiring once again and he can be very inspiring. he needs people to watch his back i think. with the election over wall street today the dow jones industrial average 313 points we are left wondering how the president is going to negotiate the biggest issue facing the u.s. economy as clarence pointed out the fiscal cliff tax hikes automatically go into effect january, should politicians not
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agree on the nation's fiscal matters and get them under control? a chicago man left fighting for his life after a brutal attack near the red line and family members say it all started with one cell phone also a teenager sexually assaulted on election day just blocks from the president's home. the second powerful storm battering the northeast, now they are holding up is the wind and snow and their way?
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what's yours? in chicago men is a shot five times over his iphone happening monday night near the south side red line station and the victim survived and is out of surgery tonight we're live with more on that story. his second surgery here so far at least two more to go, that area as not to be a tough one the victim walking through it from the red line he said there was no struggle over this bone and his
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family simply cannot understand why this had happened. the 31 year-old anthony cooper passing through the neighborhood when he was jumped by two men and shot, then dragged into an alley beaten and shot four more times, again no struggle over that phone he may have saved his own life was slipping in and out of consciousness by dragging himself close to the roadway where she was spotted by a passing motorists. the first shot went through his fingers on his right hand and into his arm the other shot went into his arm, two in the leg one through his kneecap and then another in his chest his stomach is still wide open right now in the hospital. he will have to learn how to write with his left hand
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you heard he was shot through his right one his assailants were masked and police say that they are still at large. chicago police looking for a group of men that of dr. and assaulted a girl on the city's west side the 14 year-old was walking to school about 745 on monday morning when she was forced into a car at gunpoint police say she was taughttaken to and on loanunknown location, five of the offenders out of six wore their hair in long dreadlocks. they can no longer walk to school anymore i am walking them to school every day. police do not know the make or model of the vehicles used in the assault but they say it is a
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gray four-door car with damage to the right side. anyone with information is asked to call 911. about 1030 yesterday morning it happened police say a man vorster between two garages when she was walking her dog and assaulted her with so much security in the area for obvious reasons it was a very shocking event. this suspect is described as an african-american about 40 years old 6 ft. tall and black jacket with yellow stripes on the arms from the shoulder down, blue jeans and black nikes. closing arguments resting up in a jury deliberation today and anthony about today from the infamous videotape of him being
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a bartender the bartender carolina is suing the city and that officer the lawyers say that anthony knew he could count on other cops to cover up. we put in an enormous amount of evidence that there is a longstanding and pervasive code of silence within the chicago police department to cover-up officer misconduct investigate and punish officers who engage in this. he was just another drug acting stupid and " and this city should have to pay damages for an officer of duty. who was off-duty. and an unexpected benefit of birth control pills next. hi, i'm amy for
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ask your doctor about levemir® flexpen®. covered by 90% of insurance plans including medicare. find your co-pay at there seems to be something extra here, the johnson family known for public service in the city on the southwest side were johnson's visitation is just ending. >> there are actually still a few more people waiting to get inside. after the visitation was supposed to end at st. rita high school. for the wake of the
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firefighter and the funeral fire fighters have this very enviable camaraderie and tonight it could not be more evident as thousands of them gathered here to pay their respects honor a man they called their hero. thousands came from all over to pay their respects for captain herbert johnson who died in the line of duty. >> tomorrow i will have to carry my brother's body to his grave but i will have over 4000 brothers and sisters right there with me he was the oldest in a family of chicago fire fighters into cops they all know the dangers of the job but what happened to them last friday night it hurt more than usual. capt. her b. johnson in 32 year veteran of the chicago fire department dive after he ran into a burning home in the gage park neighborhood he had a heart attack after getting caught in a
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flashover ironically he had talked about the dangers of a flashover after a fire in 2006 we started to search and actually got to a point where it was almost going to flashover. for most of them firefighters are not only a job, it is a calling. kirby was in just a great fire fighter but a great man at the kind to has your back when the flames were hottest but always knew how to tell a good joke at the end of a hard day.
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and governor clinton and mayor emanuel also out here to pay their respects tonight if you live in beverly d may be wondering why hundreds of trees have these black and purple ribbons tied to them they're there to honor captain johnson whose funeral is tomorrow. live on the south side. the debate over paul laws is firing up, also the time when doctors say you should not be exercising, tom skilling says chicago was about to take a roller coaster ride big temperature swings are around the corner.
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storms ravaged new york and new jersey already battered communities have gotten the evacuation orders. airlines canceled nearly 1500 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow. all of the misery of
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coastal flooding and wind driven rain and now snow with this one you know it's still snowing moderately at jfk airport. we have some amazing camera pictures coming up, just a low overcast here today from time to time just enough to allow a peak of sound now if you get some breaks in these clouds tonight temperatures will respond by dropping right down to the dew point and we will develop low clouds there is a storm on the east coast but another storm ahead of a wintry outbreak and we will be on the warm side of it at least over the weekend this was the 13th day below normal. a pretty good chance of
9:30 pm
active thunderstorms and powerful southerly winds are required at this time of year to initiate dramatic warming we were 47 the 75 at rapid city juxtapositions with that is cold diving out of canada. the cold air will be working towards us next week. pretty chilly in trot out there now but here are some critical numbers. our models suggest these break in clouds tonight by noon tomorrow we will
9:31 pm
start to burn off and by the afternoon we should get back into sunshine again. out of the east coast and i things are really revving up. frost advisories on the back side of it and a host of advisories have been hoisted out west. some radar's show in new york in the thick of the snow, here is connecticut where up to 10 in.. here is what it looks like the purple areas are areas with 40 mi. per hour gusts and this thing moving right over the cape and towards the maritime provinces of canada. here is a
9:32 pm
look at its mixed precipitation. these are weather but cameras. you can see the snow hitting that area and other great shock from richfield connecticut look how it turns to a winter wonderland out there. look at that visibility reduction, here is another camera from boston board there has been a mix of precipitation that has gone on, wind chills are in the '30's and 20's. keep in mind these areas are still flooded in some areas. schaumburg has 41. connecticut is up to 10 in.. central park is
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seeing 2.8 in. of snow and on top of the bat roaring winds hitting the coastline. these winds have topped 70 mi. per hour in some locations. the tides are all above normal. this is what initiates the big warmup by the weekend it could end with powerful thunderstorms and downpours that may even impact the bears game sunday night as we transition to the chill of early next week wait until you see the wins that we are expecting to propel. tonight, some breaks in the clouds and
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maybe some fog elsewhere. we get up to 71 degrees pondering a move to the middle, next state gop leaders talk about the party's future after a rough
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election nights.
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everybody, just be cool! does it price better on the side? no, it just looks cooler. the name your price tool only from progressive. call or click today. i got you covered. thank you. oh, you're so welcome. but it in the wake of this defeat the illinois republican party ackles president obama is called for bipartisanship to get
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things done. robert jordan is here with the illinois gop chief on his plan. >> an equal number of mid romney's supporters and disappointed and a stunned by the outcome, president barack obama promised eight new or approach towards a statesmanship. >> in the coming months i am looking forward to reaching out to leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. >> romney also spoke of bipartisan cooperation promising pat brady had of the illinois gop to also eco the same sentiment. we need a government
9:39 pm
we can afford and get a job creation going i think everybody needs to come together and do that and it should be serious policy discussion we should put politics aside for a while. >> republicans had scheduled a morning after victory party breakfast some of those who showed up also talked about healing and working together. we might be able to see some interesting things happen in washington d.c. between republicans and democrats to make that happen and i'm hoping in illinois we benefit as well. i think there has to be a move to the middle if you will how that gets done, your constituencies need to demand that appeared >> maybe this time healing can become a reality. >> i believe we can seize the future together because we are
9:40 pm
not as divided as our politics suggest, we are not as cynical as the pundits believe, we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions more than a collection of red states in blue states, we are in forever will be the united states of america. with both sides talking about healing and working together it will be interesting to see which side is the first to extend an olive branch to the other. illinois congressman gutierrez said latinos helped president obama wind but now they want payback, fast action on comprehensive immigration reform. >> for the president of the united states he should open up the doors to camp david in to settle this issue this is an issue that is destroying millions of families in the united states of america. in the
9:41 pm
absence of full emigration reforms he is calling on the president to extend the dream act beyond children of undocumented workers to include their parents. the prospect of pr becoming america's 51st state, they have voted on the state cut in a non-binding referendum. it's a territory without congressional representation and president barack obama says he would go with the will of approval if the congress approvedthe people if the congress approved. we have highlighted pension
9:42 pm
abuses but the tribune's editorial staff eighth gave a thumbs down to this referendum and gave a thumbs down to this approval saying it would do little to improve the situation. colbert in washington become the first day to allow residents to legally smoke marijuana for pleasure. they will be able to buy as much as 1 oz of licensed paull from a seller voters in oregon rejected a similar measures may be a good day to skip the workout why doctors are saying you should spend more time with your feet
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voters in two states approved the use of recreational marijuana at the same time doctors released a study showing marijuana use may be associated with schizophrenia people with a history of cannabis used showed a different brain activity patterns using functional mri is the team showed a cognitive breakdown linked to pot use that resulted in long-term psychosis the finding coincides with the hill study showing the main ingredient in marijuana causes schizophrenia like symptoms. the birth control pills may shield women's brains, pre menopausal women who take oral contraceptives have better thinking power midlife and beyond experts believe the pill may help ward off age related cognitive decline dementia and even alzheimer's offering brand protection long after women stopped taking the medication, exercise or rest is a difficult question when you feel sick willy workout pump you up or bring you down further when
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battling the cold or flu? they recommend people with heart problems or diabetes should definitely rest and not add extra body stress, if you are otherwise healthy it's ok to exercise while you are sick but understand it may prolong your illness. tom skilling has the forecast. >> we have had six days in the 40's. that brings the gulf moisture up while colder plunges in on the backside of the system. you get into a situation
9:48 pm
by saturday where the winds will be falling in from the south look at this winnfield. here are the actual gusts ray here. it
9:49 pm
will it will be quite the interesting week for weather. 68 on sunday with a slight chance of a thunderstorm at some point saturday friday night before that we could see thunderstorms on a warm front. >> coming up charles stillman
9:50 pm
the bears pro bowl corner may not be on the field sunday for the big show sunday night. we will explain why. and the bulls faced their toughest... can you read it? dan roan is next with sports. this is america. we don't
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lakefront coming up. bimah charles stillman that may not be in the running for any honors next week his wife is due within their fourth child monday and if it comes one day early rich king has more. >> to meet this game is important for me but after what we went through with my other child to me football will always
9:54 pm
be second in my life. >> the offense is lagging behind right in the middle of a past and this season the offense is still a work in progress. we are eight or nine years behind those guys so it's not going to happen. every guy just to get a little bit better each week at practice we have a tongue in cheek answer from brandon marshall. >> i am thinking 2015. we want to win now we are doing a good job and with us being at the number one office this year what we are doing is effective. we know what we're doing at the
9:55 pm
second half we have to score points early. texas ranks third in the leak rate behind the bears. >> he misted and went home hungry. but the bulls did win on todd rosenberg spy in the face. and while show may have missed that shot at the end he made a bunch before that son from a distance to. an 99-93 win in tomorrow the oklahoma city thunder come to town a lot
9:56 pm
of weapons. obviously, westbrook, durant, a baca they won the last preseason before the season began against university of chicago tonight and as usual the back door will be open the cats play for real next tuesday with paul and illinois among those who open their season on friday robin ventura is the finalists for a elum manager of the year, the man who pioneered the wishbone and the colts coach chuck put on all who was battling leukemia is doing much better, well enough to address his team over
9:57 pm
sunday's victory against miami he is in remission and to show their solidarity players are shaving their heads this week more than 30 of them so far ahead of their game tomorrow night we missed you last night. >> and i miss you too. that's the news for this wednesday night we are happy you shared your time with us. we're taking
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